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How to Play Minecraft Multiplayer

Mojang's sandbox game, Minecraft, is wonderful for getting in touch with your creative side. But, playing solo can get a bit lonely. Occasionally, you might want to share your creations with the rest of the world.

Here, we'll show you the four different ways you can play Minecraft with friends across a variety of platforms.

Before you begin

Multiplayer games are designed for a maximum of thirty (30) users at a time. If the host computer disconnects (even temporarily) everyone on the world will lose connection.

Performance in a multiplayer world can begin to decrease at 20 players in some cases. For more information on how to best utilize multiplayer with 30 or more students you can connect with other teachers in our community forums.

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To enjoy a successful multiplayer game, be sure the following connections are open on all networks involved

How to Play Minecraft Multiplayer on a LAN


  1. Choose a host computer. It should be fast enough to play the game while running a server for others to join.
  2. Launch the game and select Single Player.
  3. Create a new world or open an existing one.
  4. Once you're inside, press Esc, then select Open to LAN.
  5. Choose a game mode: Survival, Creative, or Adventure.
  6. Select Start LAN World.
  7. Other players on the same network who want to join can now start their games and connect via the Multiplayer button.


  1. Make sure every player is connected to the same network, then choose a host device.
  2. Select Play.
  3. Select the Pen icon to create a new world or edit an existing one.
  4. Select Visible to LAN Players.
  5. Select either Create or Play and continue as normal.
  6. Others can join the game by looking for available LAN games under the Friends tab.

How to Play Minecraft on an Online Server


  1. To connect to another player's server, log into the game and select Multiplayer.
  2. Select Add Server, then enter the IP or web address for that server.

Limiting Multiplayer

At some point you may want to limit other from joining your world. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Toggle multiplayer off in settings before launching the world. This makes it so no multiplayer is possible
  • Toggle "make visible to LAN" in settings before launching the world. This can make it so your world does not show up on the "friends" tab of other players. You can still connect with using a players IP address via the "servers" tab
  • Using the command /setmaxplayers allows you to limit the amount of people in your world


If you are able to connect to a multiplayer game but start to see decreased performance as more players join your game you can try:

  • Looking at your network speed and ensuring the amount of players is not overloading your network
  • Turning down the render speed to 4 chunks and turning off fancy graphics on the host world